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vintage glamour
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  • Vintage Glamour
    Vintage Glamour

    Bring a little “ooh la la” into your “je ne sais quoi”. Let us take you back to a more elegant era, full of opulence and romance. Where you are set free to discover your most glamorous self.

  • Weddings

    This is how it all begins. The first glance, kiss, dance, smiles & laughter, with vows made to keep and love meant to share. A day that all seemingly happens in an instant, but a story that will last a lifetime.

  • Babies + Children
    Babies + Children

    These are the brand new days, each filled with wonder and delight. Fresh discoveries around every corner, with an ever-growing love that can’t be measured. These are the early moments that will define a life ahead.

  • Maternity

    The prelude to a new life, new journey and new love. A period of transition and hope for the future  as you await all the amazing gifts it will bring.

Finessence Wedding Photography in Melbourne

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If you need a professional photographer we are pleased to offer you our services here at Finessence.
Our team of Melbourne wedding photography pro’s aim to ensure that you’ll have both, a ton of fun while doing your photo shoot and some amazing photos at the end. If you are shooting on set our team is able to come to you! We are available in Canberra and all over Melbourne and would love nothing more than an excuse for a day trip!

We specialise in wedding photography, event photography, portraits (glamour or professional) and family/children shoots. With all our shoots we utilise state of the art equipment and studios to ensure you get the best possible result from your session.

We have a team of stylist's available as well as creative props and backdrops so whether you want something fun and quirky, or something a little more serious, we’ll be able to make it happen!

With time continually moving forward it’s important to sometimes stop and appreciate the present. We tend to forget the details of periods of our life and a photography session ensures that you will always be able to go back to that moment and relive it in vivid detail.

Whether you want to capture the beauty of your youth, the love and excitement of your earlier days or want to create a unique and fun experience for your event, you can do it all with Finessence – wedding photography and more!