Located on the Foreshore in St Kilda, the Riva is a premier location to host your wedding or event.
The location is one of class and sophistication which adds a fantastic ambience to your event.
The room on offer for weddings comes with space to fit up to 180 guests and a waterfront location.
Dim lighting with the setting suns allows for both fantastic views and fantastic photos.

Picture the bride and groom stood over the balcony with the warmth and light of a 7 o’clock setting sun perfectly bouncing off the water adding a natural glow to the couple. Our team of photographers have experience with the venue and are able to suggest premium shots such as this which make for fantastic photos to adorn the house. There are very few destinations which are able to offer such a fantastic uninterrupted view of both the skyline and sea line all in one location and for this versatility the Riva is a fantast venue choice.

With this selection of classy and sophisticated shots inside or more casual and romantic shots outside, this venue is great for both bridal party and guests. Whether mingling or off for the bridal shoot this destination allows no one to feel out of place.

For more information of the venue please visit http://rivastkilda.com.au/ and to book photo shoot with a team of experienced photographers contact Finessence today.