For a wedding venue location in Canberra, The Boat House is a fantastic choice.

The Boat House, as the name suggests, is the located at a meeting point between land and water. It offers a fantastic view of Lake Burley Griffin, a clam and tranquil location, perfect to suit the mood of your wedding.

With a modern feel and design as well as large glass doors to ensure an uninterrupted view The Boat House is a fantastically spacious venue with open and inviting feel. Additional to this, the venue in a somewhat secluded location to ensure the intimacy of your event remains undisturbed.

Our photographers have also had extensive experience in shooting the location and whether you choose to have a garden party or a formal dinner we are able to ensure you get the most out ofyour photos. One of the best features of this venue from our perspective is the ability to capture your day with three fantastic themes all in the same location. The lush grass fields create a fantastic playful background, the modern indoor theme creates an air of sophistication and the skyline and waterfront create a perfectly romantic ambience.

This experience in shooting at the location has resulted in our photographers the best equipment to bring to ensure they get the best possible result on your special day. Choose a team who won’t be going in blind and know how to get the best result every time.

To find out more information about the venue please visit and contact us at Finessence to book your shoot today!