The Smart Artz Gallery in Melbourne is a beautiful minimalist location available for hire for weddingsand events.

With modern d├ęcor and contemporary themes the Smart Artz gallery is a beautiful location thatoffers a unique vibe for patrons.

With an industrial warehouse feel this venue offers plenty of space to display current contemporaryartwork from both emerging and established artists.

Choosing this location as your wedding destination allows for a unique twist from the standard whitedressed hall theme and is sure to keep your guests talking as well as entertained with the varyingviews and talking pieces scattered throughout.

At Finessence we have extensive experience shooting within this location and as a result are ableto direct and suggest premium locations for wedding photos on the night. We are able to utilise theexisting lighting to enhance the quality of shoots and therefor create a magical and whimsical vibe toyour shoot.

Stand by contemporary pieces for a lavish cultured shoot and invite guests and the wedding party toshare in the experience.

For more information on the venue please contact and forphotographers with experience, contact Finessence today!

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