Located on the outskirts of Melbourne city and as the name would suggest, by the Rivers Edge, this location is a premium choice for your wedding and engagement.

The Rivers Edge offers a unique twist on formal events, offering a venue with glitz, glamour and luxury at its heart. With stunning views over the Yarra River, private bars and formal entrance offered through use of a grand staircase this venue marries both modern and classic themes to create an overall fantastic experience.

On such a fast paced day it’s easy to forget to stop and take in the majesty of every moment and that where our team of photographers come in. With our experience in shooting the location we are able to ensure those one time only events such as the grand entrance are perfectly captured, no mistakes with lighting or missing equipment, just a perfect result, every time.

In addition to offering such a unique vibe it also makes for a fantastic venue for wedding photos. Featuring the Yarra River as a calm backdrop, the staircase as a formal classic and the bar and balcony as a modern beauty the Rivers Edge allows shots in a variety of setting all within the one fantastic location. The wedding book will tell a story our team will ensure that story is as detailed and beautiful as possible.

To find out more information about this venue visit http://www.riversedgeevents.com.au/ and to book a shoot contact us at Finessence today!

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