Docklands Maia Reception offers a unique modern warehouse feel coupled with a historic décor and feel. With high rise ceilings and a sea of natural light allowed through large windows this perfectly balances the darker blue and brown tonnes featured throughout to create an elegant, edgy and modern location to host your wedding.

Everything within the venue has been designed with comfort in mind. From the designer contemporary couches to the elegance of the bathroom no section has been left forgotten making Maia a clear contender to host your wedding.

To ensure you capture the chic elegance of your day our photographers have scoped and determined the best locations for photography on the day with a confidence that can only come from a wealth of experience.

While the inside is ideal for capturing the allure and prestige of the night, this is not all the location has to offer. Just a step away is the docks which offer a unique and fun twist on your wedding album. The docks present the opportunity to take your photographs against a different backdrop, utilising the skyline and docks themselves to create better photos than ever pictured possible.

Contact us at Finessence to book your photography session and ensure that your day is truly memorable in a way that only experience can teach. For more information on this venue please go to

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