Pre Wedding Photography Melbourne

For us, the ideas that happen behind the lens are always inspired by the lives lived in front. The individual stories and journeys that make every couple so unique. We strive to capture them in a way that reflects who our subjects truly are, rather than shoehorning them into a template version of what we want them to be.

Finessence Photography is a multi-award winning studio who specialise in modern, personalised, wedding based storytelling. Our team of seasoned pros, believe in delivering photos that capture who you truly are, in ways you never imagined.

We have created our pre wedding photography division to share our wealth of experience together with the best boutique stylists, make up artists and locations to offer an unique Australian photography experience for our local and international clientele mainly from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Our pre wedding collections in Melbourne start at $1,950.00 AUD with options to provide wedding dress hire, however we encourage couples to organise a time to come see or Skype with us in person, so we can better tailor a package to suit your very specific needs.

Looking forward to sharing our favourite shooting spots in Melbourne with you. Contact us today!

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