Wedding, Portrait and Commercial Studio in Canterbury, Melbourne

Every shoot can benefit from different setups and lighting arrangements. At Finessence we’re experts and provide a variety of photography studio settings in Melbourne to ensure no matter the task we can get better look that you thought possible!

Natural lit studios offer the warmth and softness of the sun to seep into an indoor studio creating a unique feel for the room, especially suited for your maternity and newborn shots this studio is a great selection for softer and gentler shoots.

On photo shoot settings allow for a variety of different styles be captured. Best suited for those looking to capture an event or story, an outdoor shoot makes it easy to convey concepts such as adventure, youth and love.

Daylight Studio

Let us bathe you in warm glow of natural light. Our Daylight allows the sun to pour in, giving us the most ideal setting for capturing maternity, glamour, children and newborn imagery.


Flash Studio

This is where we paint with light and expertly craft dramatic, soft or gentle lighting moods. We’re kitted out with all the latest gear that allows us to create lighting effects for your perfect portrait.


On Location

With a studio conveniently located close to Melbourne’s Canterbury Gardens, classic Maling Road, plus plenty of laneways and railways, our outdoor photo shoot gives many options to fit your style. We can even venture to your home, favourite beach or city location to capture you in the most ideal environment.

So which ever photo studio you prefer or even if you’re unsure we are happy to work with you to ensure you get the most out of your photo shoot with Finessence.