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Finessence does their first live coverage of Rolld Geelong Australia

Rolld Australia, a family owned business are extremely excited to be a part of the Geelong Community with their 22nd store in Australia. Stephanie and I were invited to capture the action live on camera, download and edit the images on computer then post live feeds on their Facebook and Instagram. Live posts were seamlessly uploaded by Josh from Chromatix. Thumbs up for an amazing job team Finatix.

When we arrived at 10:30am, there were already lines waiting in anticipation to try their first Vietnamese Bun. There were four flavours to try from the menu – Roast Pork & Crackling, BBQ Chilcken, Tofu & Vegetarian Spring Rolls and Lemongrass Beef Buns.

Rolld are aiming to break their record by handing out buns to 4000 hungry Geelong people, so if you are still in town come on over for a free B, and a warm hand shake by Santa!

Here are the highlights….


Rolld_Geelong_3-4056Rolld_Geelong_Opening032Rolld_Geelong_Opening068 Rolld_Geelong_FirstCustomers062 Rolld_Geelong_FirstCustomers026 Rolld_Geelong_11-12044-2 Rolld_Geelong_11-12052 Rolld_Geelong_12-1088 Rolld_Geelong_11-12092 Rolld_Geelong_11-12065 Rolld_Geelong_11-12098 Rolld_Geelong_11-12008 Rolld_Geelong_11-12026 Rolld_Geelong_3-4063 Rolld_Geelong_1-2015 Rolld_Geelong_1-2115 Rolld_Geelong_1-2163 Rolld_Geelong_2-1112 Rolld_Geelong_1-2018 Rolld_Geelong_2-1043 Rolld_Geelong_3-4055 Rolld_Geelong_3-4016 Rolld_Geelong_11-12131 Rolld_Geelong_11-12128 Rolld_Geelong_FirstCustomers004 Rolld_Geelong_4-5040 Rolld_Geelong_11-12033 Rolld_Geelong_12-1132 Rolld_Geelong_12-1114 Rolld_Geelong_FirstCustomers025 Rolld_Geelong_2-1060 Rolld_Geelong_1-2087 Rolld_Geelong_1-2158 Rolld_Geelong_3-4048 Rolld_Geelong_4-5120 Rolld_Geelong_4-5114 Rolld_Geelong_4-5108 Rolld_Geelong_11-12139 Rolld_Geelong_11-12044 Rolld_Geelong_2-1022 Rolld_Geelong_2-1091 Rolld_Geelong_12-1105 Rolld_Geelong_FirstCustomers044 Rolld_Geelong_12-1103


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