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We are well and truly into year 2017, and we can’t believe how much has happened already. Since our blog post, we have been working furiously on commercial and fashion projects, as well as capturing all the beautiful individuals that come into our studio.

Here’s Ailish, a shy but confident young lady who loves to dance.

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Charles and Keith Street Style Campaign 2016

CHARLES & KEITH SUMMER 2016 draws on a tale of one’s journey to self discovery, a delivery of self expressionism. Pushing forth the idea of self identity, a series of visual narratives portraying the dialogues of one’s inner thoughts.

Supporting their official Summer campaign, I was really humbled when CHARLES & KEITH, an international brand approached me to create a street style campaign which depicts the story of a city slick girl living a carefree life accessorised in CHARLES & KEITH.

I must admit, it was mammoth task shooting 11 different looks in one day, running around like a wild cat in an orange vest (safety comes first ok!), jumping up on bins to take a bird’s eye view whilst making sure every little detail of the product was in clear view and the shot list nailed. However, I had the best time of my life, and I couldn’t have done it without the patience, professionalism and commitment of my dream team.

Ok so here it is! Hope you enjoy the street style campaign now debuting digitally and in store across Asia – Singapore, Korea, Japan, China and Thailand.


hair & makeup \\ KATE RADFORD
photography assistant/retoucher \\ STEPHANIE BOLGER
shoes, sunglasses, bags and rings \\ CHARLES & KEITH


charles-and-keith-street-style-city charles-and-keith-street-style-city-2 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-4 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-3 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-5 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-7 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-6 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-13 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-12 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-8 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-9 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-15 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-1 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-16 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-19 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-18 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-17

Jennifer + Pieter Wedding Fashion Editorial

The last two months have been non-stop shooting action at the Spring Racing Carnival, Fashion Campaign assignments with Collins 234, Melbourne Central, Ballettonet, WSGN and St Kilda Football Club so we apologise for being a little slack on blogging our work . If you are wondering what we have been up to, the best place to catch all the action is actually our Instagram @finessencephoto or my Snap Chat channel @heykarenwoo.

This Saturday we are gearing up for a beautiful and rustic wedding with Jenny and Pieter. I am particularly excited about Jenny’s wedding because I can’t wait to see her wedding dress – it’s going to be epic. She’s one of the couture dress designers behind Jane Hill, so you can actually imagine how it’s look like. The last time we spoke, and it was only 2 weeks ago that her dress was in pieces and yet to be stitched up !

A few months ago, Jenny came to me with an idea that she wanted her engagement images to look more fashion, more editorial and posed to be displayed at the Willows Reception table. With the concept in mind, we created these editorial black and white images which I’m so thrilled to share with you all!

Enjoy xxx

Dress by Alice McCall.









Etsy x Bride Australia Trunk Show 2015

Last night, Karen and I were very fortunate to be invited to Etsy x Bride Australia’s first ever collaborative Trunk Show at Melbourne’s 1000 £ Bend to celebrate their mutual love for weddings. As VIP guests, we were able to relax, venture around the stalls and meet all 20 creative Etsy Sellers. Besides being a busy on the iphone “insta this and insta that” of all the gorgeousness around us for @instasocial, we were glad to finally put a face behind the Etsy Sellers from all over Australia and even New Zealand! We even had a chance to learn how to make our very own flower crown! The perfect idea for a hen’s night too!

If you are bride looking for creative styling ideas, whether it is a cute little bow tie for your guy, or an engraved wedding ring with the letters “When I met you I fell in love with you” ring, or some beautiful hand calligraphy invitation cards, this is the Trunk Show to be. Intimate and cosy.

Here are the details in case you’ve missed it:

The two-day event (Friday 16 and Saturday 17 October) at Melbourne’s 1000 £ Bend (361 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne) will feature the work of Etsy sellers from around Australia with more than 20 sellers on hand to showcase their products and their making process.

Thank you so much Etsy and Bride Australia for having us, we had such an inspiring night of fun and adventure! xxx


Etsy-Bride-AustraliaEtsy-Bride-AustraliaEtsy-Bride-AustraliaEtsy-Bride-Australia Etsy-Bride-AustraliaEtsy-Bride-AustraliaEtsy-Bride-AustraliaEtsy-Bride-AustraliaEtsy-Bride-AustraliaEtsy-Bride-AustraliaEtsy-Bride-AustraliaEtsy-Bride-Australia Etsy-Bride-AustraliaEtsy-Bride-AustraliaEtsy-Bride-AustraliaEtsy-Bride-AustraliaEtsy-Bride-Australia Etsy-Bride-AustraliaEtsy-Bride-Australia Etsy-Bride-Australia

What Shoes to Wear on Your Wedding Day

Are you are a bride in need for some shoe style inspiration? Well we have got a few tips and style ideas which could help choosing your heels more wisely.

  • Choose heels that are mid length (2 inches high) – it makes walking around locations much more comfier
  • Bring a cute pair of flats. For example, the Melissa flats with heart bow ties are a fabulous choice. Steer away from flip flops, the reason being is that sometimes when we want to capture some natural walking shots. Though it happens rarely, we just don’t want you to look back and cringe at the fact that you had worn your slippers instead of your heels
  • Slide in some heel slip ons to protect your feet from rubbing
  • Wear your new heels in at least three months ahead so you are confident walking in them
  • Fact: Though high heels make you look taller, it actually makes your legs look slimmer and gives you a lovely S-Shape when you are having your full body portraits taken


The Traditional White Heels

Jessica_Michael30Judy_Richard55 Steph_Alex16 MTHoang_0250Jessica_Michael27 Jessica_Adam25



Writing a message on the bottom of your high heels



Getting Ready Shoe Shots

The prettiest getting ready shoe shots are when the bride seats by the edge of the chair or bed by the window light, and putting on their heels with their engagement ring finger showing…

Cindy_Norman03 Angela_Bruno148 Carmen_Jon14Maidy_Anthony275

Pop of Colour

Why don’t you try colour?

Red, black, blue and glitter has been the most popular colour amongst brides. How about wearing sneakers on your weddding day?

Well that’s sore feet sorted for the entire day 🙂



All images created by Finessence Photography

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