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Why You Shouldn’t Plan a Surprise Wedding

While we all love surprises, having a surprise wedding for your partner might not be such a good idea. In a recent article for the Huffington Post, wedding planner Sandy Malone spoke about why.

According to Malone, she’s planned more than one ‘secret wedding’ and she’s still suffering from the horror of how things went down.

She recalled that at one wedding she was asked to plan for, the groom wanted the whole thing organised to surprise his girlfriend. It wasn’t an elopement, but was a complete wedding including guests flying in.

Once the bride accepted the proposal the night before, Malone thought that everything would run smoothly from there – but she was completely wrong. It turned out that many of the guests weren’t actually excited about the wedding, and they didn’t agree that the nuptials should even be taking place.

On top of this, one of the biggest reasons why these types of weddings aren’t such a good idea is that women in most cases have an idea of how they’d like their wedding to be. By messing with this, the groom may just find himself brideless at the altar.

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