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Why Every Bride can be Photogenic

Having photographic mementos is an essential part of any wedding. However, many brides and grooms find that they are uncomfortable in front of the camera, as they believe they are not photogenic enough.

According to photographer Corey E Sleap, the key for camera-shy couples is to find a photographer who ‘values authenticity’ and shares the couple’s vision. He is of the opinion that photos which make the couple remember how awkward they felt have not been set up properly.

Being photogenic is irrelevant when it comes to the photo-taking. Instead, it is about the photographer being able to interact with the couple so that everyone in the photos feel natural and comfortable. Good makeup and feeling comfortable will enable everyone to be photogenic.

The first step in finding the right photographer is to have a good conversation with them. It is suggested that couples should give the photographer a quick call before meeting up with them. Ask them general questions at first, such as whether they can accommodate creative ideas and whether they have a candid style.

Above all, do not settle for just any photographer but take time to find the right one.


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