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When work-life balance gets muddy


A simple word of encouragement, a handshake, hug AND kiss (if we are lucky) or even sharing our Facebook page means a lot to us. We cannot grasp how blessed we are to have met and worked with such incredible people this year, and I have to say without them I don’t think we would exist, at all. It may look extremely easy on the outside because there are the TWO of us, but in all honestly it’s been challenging. As a new mum (and still figuring out on how to pin Jayden down while changing his nappy), there are so many times I felt frustrated at myself and guilty for not spending my available time teaching and playing with Jayden. Instead, I’m dining with my clients till 10pm at night and work on my day offs, or I’m super glued to the MAC procastinating, culling, retouching blemishes or freckles, designing the best looking album EVER whilst leaving poor little J to play on his own.

Yes I absolutely love what I do, but I realise the time with Alan and Jayden is worth much more than clicking the “shoot” button on my camera and “tagging” images to retouch. Therefore, it warms my heart to know that all our hard work and passion in providing the best client service EVER has been nothing, but recognised and appreciated. Thank you Nica & Matt, for the adorable sweet letter. Cute pic by the way, where did you get it from? hehe xoxo.

(PS. Argh, I did it again…. it’s 10:26pm. I’m better sign off, until next time….have a fabulous week ahead!)


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