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What to Wear for Photo Shoots

Times have changed when it comes to family portraits and their structure, according to Awkward Family Photos.

There is a certain honesty to an awkward snapshot. And broadly speaking, families themselves are often a little awkward by nature. Why shouldn’t family portraits reflect that and embrace our imperfections? Must we all be decked in white, smiling with a spotless background?

One fun idea is taking ironically awkward family snaps for Christmas cards. One family from Oregon in the US spent a fortnight at second-hand clothing stores finding the ugliest Christmas jumpers on hangers. They then did them justice in a series of clashing photos with hues of blues, greens, reds and reindeers. Everyone smiled authentically.

Great ideas such as this make the whole shoot more natural and fun.

When clients come to photographers with great ideas, the photographer smiles. And ultimately, so does the rest of the family.


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