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What Not To Do after a Friend’s Wedding

Everyone outlines important tips for what to do when attending a wedding, but what about the awkward what not to dos?

In a recent article for the Huffington Post, Natasha Burton outlined some important things you simply must not do after a friend’s just gotten hitched:

  • Propose – It’s not a good idea to propose to your partner in the days after your friend’s wedding, as they are still basking in the glow of their own special day. We recommend that you give it at least a few weeks before stealing their spotlight.

  • Post all of your photos from the wedding to Facebook – Some couples like to keep their wedding images private. Before sharing anything, make sure it’s ok with the bride and groom and that they get final say over which photos of their wedding are uploaded.

  • Text your friend when she’s on her honeymoon – For the most part, it’s best to refrain from texting your friend while she’s on her escape with her new husband. It’s a once in a lifetime vacation for them, and hopefully her phone won’t even be on anyway.

  • Joke about the divorce rate – This one speaks for itself.

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