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What does Easter mean to you?

That’s a good question. What does Easter mean to you? We were honoured to take part in a creative Easter challenge at Clayton Church or Christ to create an image which reflects the true meaning of Easter. I have to say, it was challenging to create one image to represent Easter because our faith in Jesus is relational and personal. To most people, Easter means public holidays. To some, chocolate easter eggs and hot cross buns, family outings, or even catching up on housework.

To us, Easter represents God and His people. Jesus took our place and died for our sins so we can reunite us back to God. We wanted to show a representation of people from different races, joined together in the harmony of the cross, and giving testimony of how Jesus’ death on the cross had transformed their lives.

We hope this Easter brings much needed strength, hope and healing to your lives because when we turn to Jesus, we are set free from all bondage of insecurities, hatred and suffering.

Happy Easter!

Meaning of Easter Clayton Church of Christ

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