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Wedding Day Make-up Kit

While make-up artists do most people’s faces for the big day, the bride will be left to do touch-ups after the ceremony, before the photos and before the reception.

Here is a list of touch-up make-up to pack for the big day, according to Polka Dot Bride.

  • Lipstick – Buy a shade similar to the one the make-up artist will use, plus a small lip brush for application.
  • Nail polish – Just in case a chip appears, a bottle of matching nail polish can fix it quickly.
  • Powder brush – A travel brush – with a retractable brush – means the rest of the make-up bag won’t be covered in powder as well.
  • Make-up Remover – In case a few tears slip out, bring some make-up remover to avoid panda eyes.
  • Blotting paper – This is great for removing shiny and oily spots as the day progresses.
  • Blush – Make-up may fade a little, but re-inject colour with a twist-up blush stick.
  • Mirror – Needed for lippy reapplications, and most of the above touch-ups.
  • Pressed powder touches up foundation while combating shine.
  • Concealer pencil – These can blot out dark patches under eyes or emerging spots.
  • Eyeliner pen – Eyeliner can fade first, but having some liquid eyeliner handy solves this before it can become a problem.


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