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Travels – Truffles, Gladiators, McQueen, Big Apple, & Messi

Alan and I have got so much goodness to share and we can’t wait to begin our much malnourished blog with lots of travel stories. We hope to feed you with lots of useful holiday tips, places to visit, hotels to stay, fashion finds and all the fabulous food we ate. Thank God we did a lot of walking.

So where did we go? Can you take a guess and figure out what we did in each city?

Here are some bits and pieces I collected from each major city…

We’ve waited donkey years (lost count) and saved up heaps of shrapnel (pockets emptied) to finally travel to Europe and the US. I think we are probably one of the last couples in Australia to go to Europe. All my friends have raved about Europe, some have moved there for work and even some have found THE one. As for us, it was the trip of our lifetime – the final big trip before we settle and have little Woos running around.

Paris was definitely our favourite destination. In 5 seconds, these are the things that spring into mind when I reminisce my time in Paris – Louboutins, fur coats, flea markets, sartorial, goats cheese, stylish, Mono Lisa, mesmerising, truffles, crepes, bistro chairs, macaroons, sexy and vintage bikes.

Second was Rome – Ancient, food coma, Michelin, gladiators, frozen pizzas, D&G, cobbled stones, God, Michelangelo, fascinating, architecture, water fountains, marble and more marble.

Third was London – The Queen, Big Ben, Pret-a-Manger, Burberry, Oyster card, Alexander McQueen, cheese melt sandwiches, icy cold, English pubs, jam-packed trains and Jamie Oliver.

Fourth was New York – Big apple, all-you-can-eat buffet, Victoria Secrets, SOHO, Big Brown Bag, Halloween, Times Square (over-rated!) Broadway, 5th Avenue, Sephora, ground zero, UFC and baseball.

Lucky last was Barcelona – Touristy, weird art, pick pocketers, Gaudi, ZARA, football mania, Messi, tapas, sangrias, cured meats, olives, dinner starts at 8pm and Camp Nou.

That’s pretty much how I would summarise our experiences in each great city. We spent 3 good weeks, 4 days in each great city to soak in the culture, the language, and jaw-dropping views.

I loved every single day.

And I got to spend it with Alan.

Now it’s your turn. Which is your favourite city and why?

3 Responses to Travels – Truffles, Gladiators, McQueen, Big Apple, & Messi

  • Hun what is the furry pink/red/purple thing? Is it Isabel Marant? =P

    Yeah Paris it the finest, actually I’m fascinated by God in that city too. The Lourve contains so many religious paintings.

    Um..I didn’t know about the little Woos! =P

    I actually am dying to visit Barcelona, my passion for art and architecture can certainly rival that of fashion. I am in awe of Gaudi, but not of Zara. I can’t find anything worth buying there anymore…

  • Woohoo! Look at those heels – LOOOOVE!!! The rest of the stuff looks pretty spesh too. Of course, that is to be expected with taste like yours Karen. 🙂

    Out of those cities, my fave is NYC, followed by Barcelona, followed by Paris, then London and then Rome. But wait… you didn’t put gelati on your Rome list – how could that beeeeee?

    • @Katie: Haha you are soooo right! How can I forget to add Gelati to the list!!!! *palm to head* I remember spending ages in Rome looking for this particular Gelati place which houses the Gelati in steel containers. Apparently this is the proper way of preserving the taste of Gelati!!

      @CC: Ooo you tell me! I was just attracted to the vibrant and soft furry handbag with the gold chain. It didn’t have a label and it was only 175 euro! Can’t wait to wear it! Maybe next xmas party?! hehe

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