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The Wedding Tips Everyone Should Have

Want to know what tips brides wished they’d known before their big day? Womens Health Magazine recently asked their Facebook followers to fill them in on the information they wished they’d had prior to walking down the aisle.

1. Don’t leave the wedding favors out on each table – Most people have that one wacky great aunt who feels she’s entitled to taking 5!

2. You only get one chance at your wedding photographs – Do your research before hiring a photographer so that your wedding photographs are amazing and you’re left with no regrets.

3. Don’t rush down the aisle – Without noticing at the time, it’s easy to speed down the aisle. Take your time and bask in the moment.

4. Have a couple of plates of food wrapped up for you to enjoy later – Most couples are so busy at the reception they don’t get much time to eat, and you don’t want to leave the reception starving.

5. Talk about your wedding kiss and practice it so that noone is surprised or embarrassed on the day.

6. Don’t get drunk – It’s easy to keep drinking without realising, and before you know it you’re tripping over your dress. Pace yourself, try to eat and drink plenty of water.

7. Make sure you have a tissue with you at all times. It’s an emotional day, and you don’t want to end up with panda eyes for the photos.

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