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The Essentials for a Glam Photo Shoot

Gone are the days of the hilarious soft lens glamour shots with big hair and puff sleeves. Today’s glamour shot studios, outside of the shopping centre, are all about perfect makeup and hair and the right fashion choices to emulate the look the client is going for.

Here are some tips for ensuring a successful glamour photo shoot:

  • The right clothing – Your photographer will ask you about the kind of style you want to portray and what kind of images you want. Consider adding a splash of colour and incorporate graphic patterns with denim and flowy fabrics.
  • Make sure that you like the look of the makeup and hair that is featured in past shoots of the photographer. Most likely the studio will have the same makeup artist and hairdresser working for them on the majority of clients.
  • The set – stepping on to the set, you should feel like a star. On-set food should be provided, as well as drinks. Great music is also usually part of the mix.


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