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Meet Naty and Kenning Bride and Groom To-be

Meet Naty and Kenning. A gorgeously fun loving bride and groom to be. This beautiful couple are getting hitched tomorrow and we are excited to be the ones who will capture this special occasion.

Naty and I met three years ago when I was leading worship at a youth Church service. She played the piano while I sang (I’m no Celine Dion, but I can belt out a tune or two). We got along from the get-go and have been friends since. Soon after Naty met Kenning and their engagement was announced. I was delighted and flattered to be their first point of contact for their special occasion pics.

Below is an Autumn shoot of these two cuties at Maling rd, Canterbury. Working with them was so enjoyable, lots of laughs and goofing around. Their chemistry and love for each other illuminates from them both. Whilst trying to nail down the requirements for tomorrows shoot, I asked Kenning exactly what he wanted, and his response was, “I just want my wife”. How cute is he!

I can’t wait to be a part of your big day, capturing the moment from a very personal point of view. Best of health, love and happiness to you both.

Karen xx

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Once upon a Lifetime: Hye-Sung + Joel Wedding (Same Day Edit)

The day started with a drizzly morning and unpredictable Melbourne weather patterns, but to be honest we are grateful that this day has come. We ‘knew of’ Hye-Sung and Joel at our old church community, the musically talented duo and hardworking doctors, but it wasn’t until Joel turned up at our old shopfront 12 months ago and asked if we were available for their wedding day. Since then, our friendship grew effortlessly. We were incredibly encouraged by how honest and open they are about their relationship with one another and for Jesus.

Hye-Sung and Joel, thank you so much for entrusting us with this amazing job of shooting and producing a same-day edit wedding slideshow for your guests to laugh and cry. We love you both xo

Massive shout outs to our Finessence Team (Arlene and Jeanette) for spoon-feeding me while I’m editing and producing the slideshow, no in all seriousness they did a fabulous job getting the crowd going at the photobooth, and Alan shooting away at the reception. The amazing staff at The Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron (still salivating over that succulent Salmon!) and HIGH FIVES goes out to Chris and boys from White Heights Media!

Ok so here it is…. the Same-Day Wedding Slideshow that was presented last night, enjoy!



Photography by: Karen and Alan from Finessence Photography

Photobooth by: Arlene and Jeanette from Finessence Photography

Videography by: White Heights Media

Music licensed via Music Bed

Ceremony: St Marks, Camberwell

Reception: The Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron, St Kilda

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