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Stephanie and Alex: Melbourne city engagement session

One of the things I sincerely enjoy about being a wedding photographer is that I get to meet and photograph incredible couples. Stephanie and Alex was no exception – we clicked from the moment they walked into our studio. Four words to describe them would be: chirpy, chatty, creative and got a can-do attitude. Alex is a photography buff so knowing how much they value and adore photographs we spent the afternoon together in the hustle and bustle of Melbourne city. We weaved in and out of the Melbourne city alley ways, cafes, the Royal Arcade building and even gatecrashed on one of “The Block’s” episode at the Myer window (see last image)! We had non-stop fun and laughter and I can’t wait to photograph their special day coming up this Friday! xxx

Hair and makeup by Stephanie Lin from S.A.S.S.Y Hair and Makeup.

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