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Stephanie and Alex gets married in Melbourne Sumac

It was pretty much love at first sight when Stephanie caught Alex’s eye the very first time she walked past him at the cinemas. Alex didn’t miss a beat and begged his best mate to go back with him and find this gorgeous girl. The next moment, Alex invited Stephanie over for tea and they became a pair instantly. The rest was history.

Stephanie and Alex got married on Friday, 20th of September, a week before Hawthorn won the AFL championship. As we all know, Melbourne is a city of all seasons. One moment we’ll experience beautiful streaks of sunshine and next it will rain dogs and cats. This is exactly what Stephanie and Alex’s day turned out to be but the rainy weather didn’t stop the excitable Alex from fetching his bride to be!

The morning started with a few door games, where Alex was instructed by the bridesmaids to devour a chunk of wasabi-filled pastries and do 10 push ups whilst kissing a photo of Stephanie (dating back to her teenage years). I couldn’t stop chuckling as I followed them through the house with my camera. It was too funny. Just when you thought the games have finished and he was free to go, Alex and his groomsmen had to scavenge through Stephanie’s room to find her Cinderella shoe.

Once the fun was over, it was red pockets galore!

Stephanie and Alex got married at the Docklands Atlantic Group, Sumac followed by a location shoot at the Melbourne Royal Arcade where we got photo bombed by two sales guy who wanted photo with the gorgeous bride and groom. The dinner reception was held at the Docklands Atlantic Group, Maia and the Finessence Photobooth was the biggest hit of the night! Oh I even managed to get 90% of the guests to do a massive group photo on the dance floor!



Hair and Makeup by: Stephanie Lin from S.A.S.S.Y Hair and Makeup.

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