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Shooting on the Big Day

Here are some tips to capture the best side of the bride and groom on their big day, courtesy of Craftys:

  • Wide shots – It is hard to go wrong when capturing a blissed-up couple surrounded by beautiful nature or a stunning church interior. Go for the kiss, the dip or just hold hands.
  • The first look – This is a new trend, and it captures the moment when the groom and bride first see each other dressed up before the ceremony. It is an intimate moment, just the couple and photographer.

  • Think 3D – Opt for a spaced out shot rather than the bridal-party-in-a-line number. The couple are best as the focal point, but get creative with the poses.
  • Use bad weather – Harness the rain, mud, snow or wind to pitch some creative ideas to capture a portrait. Have the groom piggybacking the bride through puddles. Whatever happens.
  • Have fun – Celebration is the fundamental note of weddings, let this be reflected in photos. Everyone is there to have a good time, so capture it.
  • Communicate beforehand about what sort of shots are wanted; this way the photographer can do some planning and give you the best results.


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