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Reminiscing Year 2013: Portraits (Part One)

Happy new year! Wishing you all a prosperous 2014 ahead and that all your dreams and new year resolutions will be fulfilled.

It’s our favourite time of the year again where we look back at our portrait work and highlight our favourite portrait moments of year 2013. It was undoubtedly one of the best years of my business and photography career where I accepted my Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) Honours of Associates award,┬ámet and captured over 100+ incredible individuals and families with a unique story to tell, and developed new business opportunities with vendors and commercial clients. We were very fortunate to work with many small to medium companies such as Bridge Consulting, Collins234, and Riversdale Orthodontics to name a few.

None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for your continual support and admiration for our work, whether it was a “like” or “comment” you left on our blogsite, facebook or Instagram; spreading the word to your friends and family; dropping by to say hello at our studio. We absolutely value and appreciate your business and kind words you have shown to us, so thank you.

To finish up, in no particular order here are some of our favourite portrait moments of year 2013…..

Finessence_2013-7Finessence_2013-72Finessence_2013-65 Finessence_2013-89 Finessence_2013-34 Finessence_2013-33Finessence_2013-74 Finessence_2013-76 Finessence_2013-20Finessence_2013-23Finessence_2013-91 Finessence_2013-17 Finessence_2013-15Finessence_2013-6 Finessence_2013-11Finessence_2013-92Finessence_2013-2Finessence_2013-71 Finessence_2013-19 Finessence_2013-18 Finessence_2013-52 Finessence_2013-43 Finessence_2013-48Finessence_2013-66 Finessence_2013-68 Finessence_2013-80 Finessence_2013-73Finessence_2013-16 Finessence_2013-14Finessence_2013-38Finessence_2013-47 Finessence_2013-13Finessence_2013-24 Finessence_2013-26 Finessence_2013-46 Finessence_2013-22 Finessence_2013-32 Finessence_2013-31Finessence_2013-41 Finessence_2013-40Finessence_2013-1Finessence_2013-67Finessence_2013-60Finessence_2013-84 Finessence_2013-56 Finessence_2013-90Finessence_2013-8Finessence_2013-39Finessence_2013-95Finessence_2013-49








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