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Remi-finessencing our favourite moments of 2012

2012 was the year when…

  • Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 60th year since the ascension to the throne
  • Cheered on our fellow Aussie Olympic athletics as they won Gold medals
  • Facebook went public on Wall Street still pulling in more than 800 million users, and
  • The aussie prank to Princess Kate and Prince Williams that went terribly wrong.

Well, it was our year too. We are so grateful for the many challenges and opportunities that made us grow from strength to strength. 2012 was the year when we…

  • Celebrated the launch of our new website
  • Pulling in more than 2700+ Facebook fans
  • Cheered out loud after realising that we achieved 3 Victorian Professional Photography Silver Awards and 6 Australian Professional Photography Silver Awards,
  • Went public at an official Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) event to talk about our brand, business and photography, and
  • Have been terrible at blogging, but we’ll promise we’ll change that!

Honestly, we couldn’t have done this without the support and passion from our friends, family, fellow photographers, facebook fans, clients and vendors for our photography work. We are blessed to have met and partnered with so many talented people.

To celebrate 2012, we want to share with you all of some of our favourite 2012 moments. Have a happy new year!

By the way, it is totally uncool to copy or use any of these images without our knowledge and consent. These images are copyrighted to Finessence Photography.



Finessence moments of 2012

top moments of 2012favourite moment of 2012

finessence moments 2012

Finessence moments of 2012

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