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Portrait Photography of Sisterhood, Santa and Some Fancy Ladies

Let me start by wishing you all a VERY HAPPY 2012! We hope you had a relaxing break over the Christmas season and now ready to begin 2012 as it’s going to be a good year 🙂

To kick-start our 2012 blog, I want to introduce Cobi, Clare and Laura – three stunning sisters. Cobi is actually one of our friendly neighbours on Maling Rd who is a young successful and savvy business woman who owns a Florist called Flowers of Canterbury. Cobi has been welcoming from the day we moved into Maling Road, and she has been spoiling us and our wedding clients with such incredible flower bouquets. She’s super talented and I can’t wait to collaborate with her on some commercial projects this year. Oh when you get a chance, you have to visit her shop as she has a lot of goodies like the latest seasonal flower arrangements, Wick Wick scented candles and “Some Fancy Ladies” merchandise. And while you are there, go ask her about her little froggies!

The three sisters wanted to surprise her parents with a portrait of themselves for Christmas. Apparently it was a rare chance for the three sisters to get together now that Laura lives away from Melbourne. I recently received news from Laura that their parents loved their presents and these were her exact words:

“Karen, I never thanked you for the pics! I haven’t had a chance to have a good look but my Aunty said that my Mum burst into tears when she saw the print. Thank you so much *smiles*. It was heaps of fun and something that we will cherish for a life time. xx”

It was my absolute pleasure. Well it just sums up why I ADORE my job as a portrait photographer – creating happy memories for families to last for a lifetime. xx

sisterhood flowers of canterbury sisters

Just to throw in another pic, here is Cobi on the far right all glammed up with “Some Fancy Ladies” on the eve of our Christmas Santa instant photo day at the Maling Road Kris Krindl event. They were promoting Candice DeVille’s latest phenomenon – Some Fancy Ladies. Hope you LIKE the pic because I assure you, Santa did!

Some Fancy Ladies with Flowers of Canterbury

Get together with your family and book a portrait session today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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