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Pointers for Planning Weddings

The best preparation for pulling off a trouble-free wedding is remaining appraised of techniques, tips and strategies to simplify the planning process.

Here are some tried and true tips from Prom Dress:

  • Online bridal shops can have inexpensive dresses, but order with plenty of time to get alterations done. You should always factor the cost of alterations into the dress price.
  • Wedding photographs are probably the most important thing that you will keep from your special day. Ensure a professional photographer is hired, even if this costs a little more. You should always ask to see portfolios of previous work before making a decision.

  • Renting diamonds for the big day can save on money overall, and a glamorous necklace or earrings can make a dress look complete.
  • Re-think tall flower arrangements on tables. They can impede guests talking to each other and may set off allergies. Non-scented candles and ivy tendrils are a stylish alternative.
  • Make sure your venue has room for dancing.
  • If yours is a destination wedding, greet guests with a surprise basket of goodies delivered to the room they are staying in. Include a tourist map, hat, a local food sample and pamphlets for fun places to visit.
  • Midday receptions can cut costs. Not only are people likely to drink less, but lunch receptions are often less expensive than dinner receptions.


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