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Planning Tips for Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

Are you thinking of having your wedding ceremony outside in nature? Check out these great tips on how to effectively plan an outdoor wedding:

  • Think of the sun – Often people overlook the position of the sun at the time of day they are getting married. Carefully consider if you’ll need any shade and what you may need to keep your guests comfortable. This is also important as you don’t want everyone squinting through the entire ceremony!
  • Your guests – You want your family and friends to enjoy your ceremony, so if it’s warm you’ll want to provide them with water bottles, shade and seating, reported Polka Dot Bride.
  • Use a microphone – It may seem like you don’t need one, but often when it comes to outdoor weddings the guests can’t hear what is going on. This can be disappointing for everyone, so be sure that you talk to your celebrant about microphone options.
  • Have a Plan B – When you are getting married outdoors, you always need to have a wet weather plan. Make sure you have a nearby undercover ceremony location pre-booked and ready to go in case you need to use it.

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