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Picture Perfect Wedding Photos

Given the time and money outlaid, it is best to ensure a wedding is captured beautifully by the right photographer.

Book him or her in advance, and meet with them to talk about exactly what you are after on the day. A pre-wedding photo shoot is a great way to ensure there is a good working synergy and the results are excellent.

Strike a balance between the time needed to get perfect pictures and leaving guests. If brides start to stress about the time available, it may show in their faces. That carefree stroll along the beach shot will be lying each time you look at it.

Make sure there is a clear plan with the photographer, allocating time for groom and bride shots, bridal party and family groups. Making a list of groups keeps the process on track, and it is helpful to ask the best man, bridesmaid or usher to round up guests for photos.

Having a fallback plan in case of rainy weather is important.

And just a tip – those casual shots of guests taken randomly at the reception are often some of the best!


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