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Old Railway and Blundell Cottage Canberra

We were on a look-out for some amazing vintage sites in Canberra over the weekend, and to our pleasant surprise we discovered the old Railway Museum in Kingston. I can’t believe after all these years living in Canberra, we never visited this site. The museum opens every Sunday from 10:00 to 4:00pm, but unfortunately it was Saturday when we arrived so we didn’t get to go inside. Instead we scouted around the outside and we found these interesting old train carriages…..

Railway behind Kingston Old Railway Museum Canberra

Blundell’s Cottage by Lake Burley Griffin Canberra

We also visited the new Portrait Gallery in Canberra. The building had vibrant colours and interesting and modern architecture. If you have the opportunity to pass by Canberra, we highly recommend that you visit the Portrait Gallery, National Museum, and even new shops in the surburb of Parkes. You’ll need to walk through the building where you’ll come across interesting artwork which is another fantastic site for photography enthusiasts.

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