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Nail Tips for Brides

With all of the fuss over hair and makeup, one can forget that nails are an important part of the overall bridal look. Some expert tips for having great nails on your special day were recently given by Bespoke Bride.

  • Take care – Take extra care of your hands leading up to your wedding day. Wear gloves when you are cleaning and make sure you keep your hands and cuticles well-moisturised.
  • Stand out – While nude colours are the norm, more brides these days are bucking the trend by sporting red nails, or matching their nail colour with their bridesmaid dresses.
  • A French classic – French manicures are still a classic and popular choice for many brides. If you want something a little different, try using a combination of colours you’ve not previously considered before for something fresh.
  • Add some sparkle – Add some glitter and gems to your nails for some added bling and sparkle on your special day. For a more subtle look, wear a layer of glitter on your ring finger nail to draw attention towards your stunning wedding band.

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