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Melbourne Wedding at the Smartz Artz Gallery – Rachel and Matthew

Rachel and Matt first laid eyes on each other on a Friday night at Boutique nightclub. It was through Laura (Rachel’s best friend) and her brother (Junior- Matt’s best friend) that they were introduced. Rachel’s first impression of Matt was “my, what big guns he has!” whilst apparently Matt charmed Rachel in just a matter of seconds! This was around 5 years ago, and the rest, is history!

When I asked Rachel just what it is that she loves about Matt she said she loves Matt’s humour, his loyalty and his caring and gentle nature. Although if the Lakers are playing and losing she has learnt to steer clear of Matt!! She loves that he is the best father to their daughter and the unconditional love he has for her. Rachel considers Matt her best friend she could ever have. When I asked Matt he said he loves Rachel’s inability to spell and her poor taste in music! He admires that Rachel is tough and resilient, something that Matt is not. Matt loves Rachel’s unending loyalty and how dependable she is. He told me that he loves the love and protection Rachel shows to Lily. And Matt said how could you not love Rachel’s beautiful eyes!

Matt and Rachel truly complement each other. They share the same morals, beliefs and values – and simply couldn’t imagine life without each other. In the future Rachel and Matt look forward to sharing the rest of their lives together. They look forward to bringing up their gorgeous girl and giving her a brother or sister sometime down the track. Matt and Rachel look forward to supporting each other and giving the best they can for their family.


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“Thank you so much for our beautiful photos, we will treasure these for the rest of our lives. You were both an absolute joy to have as part of our wedding and would recommend you to anyone. Thanks again, Rachel and Matthew”

Rachel and Matthew’s dream wedding team:

  • Photography by Finessence
  • Wedding gown by Baccini and Hill
  • Accessories (Head piece, Veil and Earrings) by Baccini and Hill
  • Make up  by Christine Gaunt
  • Hair by Anthony Nitson Hairdresser
  • Bridesmaid’s dresses by Cocktail Boutique
  • Bridesmaid’s shoes by ASOS
  • Suits by Prinzi Collections, Carlton
  • Shoes by Wittner
  • Vases by Petite Portions
  • Cars by Fleetwood Limousines
  • Photo Booth by In the Booth
  • Invitations by a close friend
  • Flowers by a family friend
  • Wedding Ceremony at the Old Bandstand, Fitzroy Garden
  • Reception at the Smart Artz Gallery, South Melbourne
  • Rings (all) – All Diamonds Elsternwick (includes engagement ring)
  • Tables and chairs by Dann Even Hire
  • Catering by the Crave Catering
  • Cake by the Ab Fab Cakes, Kew
  • Celebrant is Maree Livy

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