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Melbourne Wedding at the Grand Hyatt – Jessica and Adam

Jess and Adam are definitely one of our most tallest and beautiful Aussie couples we have had the pleasure of befriending. They met at the Flemington Races a while back and Adam was besotted by Jess’s stunning looks. “Hot babe” was the only word that raced around in Adam’s mind. Adam finally popped the question and proposed on a trip to Africa while they were visiting Chobe National Park in Botswana.

Jess and Adam got married at the Saint Peters and Paul Church in South Melbourne and partied away at the Melbourne Grand Hyatt. We had a super time hanging out with Jess and Adam and their fun-loving family and guests. I have to say, one of my biggest highlights of the night was watching Adam’s aunty scull down wine from her high heel shoes! I’ve never seen that done before!


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Finally, here’s what they have to say about their experience with us:

“Finessence were a delight to work with and helped in ever way to make our wedding day perfect.  They were extremely knowledgeable and professional at what they do which produces photos we want to keep forever. It was great having them as part of what was such a special day for us and they helped to make it a truly rememberable day for all involved.  I would strongly recommended Finessence and we look forward to working with them again one day in the future.”

  • Photography by Karen and Alan of Finessence Photography
  • Photobooth by Stephanie of Finessence Photography
  • Wedding Dress by Suzanne Harward
  • Bridesmaid Dess by Love affair
  • Shoes by Jimmy Choo
  • Accessories by Linda Gorringe Couture
  • Suits by Red Formal Hire
  • Engagement ring by Paterson Fine Jewellery
  • Wedding bands by Paterson Fine Jewellery
  • Music band by Heatwave
  • Church venue at St Peter And Paul, South Melbourne
  • Celebrant by Father Ben Johnson
  • Reception Venue at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne
  • Cake by Yum Mummas
  • Invitation cards by Leah Gamble


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