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Makeup Tips Every Bride should Know

No matter what makeup style you like, it’s highly likely that you or a makeup professional will be giving you a full face of makeup on your wedding day. So what do you need to know to ensure you look your best?

  • Getting married in the summer? Make sure that all of your makeup is oil free. Carry oil-free blotting paper you can use throughout the day if necessary in your handbag as well.

  • Most makeup artists will recommend you put a little more makeup on than you usually would because the photographs will soften how it looks. A great way to test this out and see what you like is to apply makeup and take selfies to see how it looks. Then you can apply a little more and take another photograph.
  • Always use a brush or sponge to apply makeup. Fingers can carry bacteria and they can also leave fingerprints.
  • Always carry a few touch up products in your purse or ask one of your bridesmaids to carry a bag with a few items in it for you.


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