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Magical Wedding Tips

Want some extra tips for adding that something special to your day? We recently found this advice for all brides-to-be in an article by

  • Have a wedding theme – Include elements that say something about your personality and your partner, and think about themes that reflect your relationship with your partner.
  • Choose the right wedding photographer – These are the photos that you will be looking at for decades to come. Take your time and find a wonderful photographer that you get along with and who has the right style for your wedding day.
  • Wedding jewellery – If you want to wear diamonds but are working on a limited budget, why not hire some fancy bling for the day?
  • Take your time writing your vows if you are doing them yourselves. This is the most important part of your wedding day, so you want to put lots of thought into it.
  • Consider the reception seating plan carefully – If you have guests that might butt heads, ensure they are seated far from one another. This way, no petty arguments will spoil the festive mood.

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