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Love, Laughter and Lamb Chops!

Who would of thought an office romance could lead to so much laughter, holding hands and joking about lamb chops!  Deepthi and Colin shared a joke about lamb chops during the shoot, I know not exactly the funniest topic but they found it funny! Thank goodness for us we got to capture their reaction which turned into our “blue ribbon” shot.  Their smiles are so contagious once you see the shot you too would be grinning!

Deepthi was experiencing motherhood for the first time and Colin was experiencing fatherhood again for the first time – after 40 years! Colin compared how times have changed with pregnancies from the past and now.  We couldn’t agree more.  We certainly are at a time where Mama’s (and Papa’s to be) get a chance to start their family portraits when there is a cute baby bump.  What a great story to tell baby in the future about their very “first” photo as a family together.

The team at Finessence were enchanted by Deepthi and Colin’s story and they wanted us to record their journey into parenthood! Let us say we were touched and after the shoot we were left a little teary!


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