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Kerri Walsh Jennings Happy with Reaction to Nude Photos

Kerri Walsh Jennings, a three-time Olympic gold medallist, posed naked while pregnant and just weeks after after giving birth for ESPN magazine’s annual Body Issue.

The pro beach volleyball player was pregnant with her daughter Scout for the first series of photos. The second series of photos were taken six weeks after she gave birth.

Walsh Jennings told People magazine that she was pleased with the reaction to the photos. However, she also said that she had not realised how the release of the photos would make her feel vulnerable. She said that posing nude was ‘scary’, but the second, post-birth photo-shoot was more frightening, as her pregnancy had made her feeling like she was ‘in costume’.

Walsh Jennings, who is also mum to sons Joseph and Sundance, credited the crew with making her feel supported and at ease during the shoot. She revealed that she is proud of her body, and that she couldn’t wait to obtain a copy of the magazine so that she could enjoy the photos.


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