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How to Survive a Wedding Without a Date

Those who are single often dread the idea of attending a wedding without a date or a friend. However, there are ways to survive – and even enjoy – a wedding when one is single.


Being prepared by dressing suitably and feeling confident in one’s appearance can reduce some of the awkwardness associated with flying solo at a wedding.

Volunteer for work

Volunteering for work can be a good way to stay occupied. Ask for wedding tasks such as handing out drinks or helping out with organising the photos.

Learn to waste time

It is usually a good idea to stay at least until the cutting of the cake, so if an attendee is unable to find a way to stay occupied, they could seek out distractions. Extend the length bathroom breaks, pore over the floral arrangements, and getting interested in the reception hall are all ways to waste time and make the hours pass more quickly.

Start a conversation

Weddings are excellent places to get to know people. Bored attendees could start a conversation and get to know some new people. It is likely that there will be others who are also ‘flying solo’ at the wedding.


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  • Hi, Thanks for sharing this site, My friend’s wedding had been assisted by Soul Shack of Sydney, had a great wedding function. All the events that included was hosted by Soul Shack, we didn’t have to worry about any of it and was much relaxed and enjoyed it to its full extent.

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