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How to make a Good Impression with Your LinkedIn Profile Photo

Many people now use LinkedIn to land their dream job. But what many of us don’t realise is that despite having amazing credentials, first impressions count. If your profile photo is a little too casual or hit and miss, it may just cost you that new job.

So how do you ensure you increase your chances with your LinkedIn profile photo?

  • Your image should be recognisable as you are now. If it’s a photo from years ago, it’s time for an update.
  • Be genuine and natural with your smile in the image. People should be able to look at your photo and think that you are approachable and friendly.
  • The photo should be of you on your own. It’s also important that there is no obvious cropping to cut others out of the image.
  • Make it a professional looking shot that’s not over-glamorized. Wear business attire that doesn’t show too much skin.
  • Make sure it’s a head shot. People want to see your face, not your entire body.
  • Relax when having the photo taken. You want to look personable, not anxious.
  • Don’t overdo your hair and makeup, and ensure the clothes you are wearing are suitable for the kinds of jobs you’re applying for.


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