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How to Achieve that ‘Just Stepped Out Of A Fashion Mag’ Look

Some women just look so put together. Everything about their outfit is complementary and they just make it work so well.

The good news is that any of us can do it, it just takes a little know how and an extra dash of confidence. And these tips will help too:

  • Select one look and wear it head to toe – You don’t want to look amazing in a dress with the right accessories but wear the wrong pair of shoes.
  • Confidence is key – It’s so corny but it’s true. Confidence never goes out of style and if you feel uncomfortable, you’ll look it too. Remember, if you don’t exude confidence, you may as well wear your pj’s 24/7.
  • Wear less makeup – Don’t overdo your makeup. A little goes a long way.
  • Dress for your shape – Always dress for your body shape. Just because something is in fashion doesn’t mean you should wear it. Keep your fashion classic and flattering on your figure. It’s good to experiment, but know what basics always work well on you.


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