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Having a Glamour Shoot

Glamour photography has come a long way since the 1980s’ feather boas, big hair and shiny accessories.

Here are three tips from Yonex Sterno on how to achieve a brilliant glamour shot that you will be happy with.

  • Lighting – This critical in getting a particular mood or effect. For instance, edge lighting creates a dramatic mood, in which light is set up at the same height as the person being photographed and just to their side.
  • Getting glamorous – Choose an outfit reflecting your style and which you are comfortable in. Anything too busy or loud detracts from natural beauty. Keep make-up in line with the outfit. Get input from your photographer.
  • Poses and expression – Practise poses before the shoot to see what you are comfortable with. Sometimes simple is best – such as lying on the side – and keep the sexy vibe in your eyes. The most important rule is to ensure you feel comfortable. There is nothing romantic about awkward photos. Follow your photographer’s direction.


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