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Glamour Photo Shoot Advice

Whether you are taking a photograph to update your current Twitter pic or are doing a photoshoot with a professional, there are a few steps you should take to ensure you look your very best in front of the camera:

Strike a pose

Avoid standing with your shoulders or hips directly square to the camera. You should be turned so that three quarters of your body is facing away. Your weight should be on one foot and your hand should be on your hip. If you pop your arm out at the camera, this will make you appear more slender.

All in the eyes

To really accentuate your eyes, wear fake lashes or try to put on mascara using a fan brush to ensure better coverage. Love the dewy eye look models sometimes have? Use a small amount of Vaseline on your eyelids.


Be ready with clips, tape and safety pins. There’s nothing worse for the figure than an ill fitting outfit. Another thing to keep in mind is your skin tone. Know what colours make you look great and what colours you want to avoid before the shoot.


Love big hair? Extensions might be the answer. Make sure that if your hair is staticky after all that blow-drying and teasing, use a dryer sheet to settle it down.


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