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From Engagement to Wedding Planning

Every wedding begins months or even years before the actual date. The commencement of a wedding story is the engagement or proposal. Wedding writer Ms Chevron recently spoke of her brother Darren’s creative wedding proposal.

Darren invited his fiancée Teagen and their friends to a special performance by a band at a local jazz club. He had pre-arranged the evening so that he would be selected from the audience to perform a song. He would end his performance with a proposal on a bended knee.

Darren ended up singing Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’, and finished the song with the all-important question ‘Will you marry me?’

Of course, the proposal and engagement marks the beginning of a long planning process that is necessary for the couple to have an exciting and absolutely perfect wedding day.

A week later, Teagen had told Chevron that she found the planning process overwhelming.

Fortunately, there are many people and resources available out there to assist with all elements of the wedding planning. No one needs to plan their wedding alone, and Chevron suggested that it can be manageable if the bride and groom are aware of the potential highs, lows, roadblocks and victories from the very start.


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