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Finessence Photography Studio Tour (One year late)

The Finessence Photography studio located on Maling Road, Canterbury (Located in Eastern Suburbs) is always evolving.

We like to keep up with new trends in offering unique handcrafted photographic products that we have sourced around from the world.
If you were to visit our shop front, you will always find new additions to our collection – wall arts, products and albums that showcase what we are all about.

One thing I just realised though, was that if you weren’t on our Facebook page, you might have missed the first tour of our studio from a pregnant Karen and myself.

So before we do a revamp again, please find below a video created by our work experience girl Lauren from one year ago.

Enjoy and we look forward to sharing with you another new look soon!


Finessence Photography Studio Tour from Finessence Photography on Vimeo.



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