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Family Photography Tips and Tricks

Great family photos let a child’s personality come out, and they are not overly uptight and posed.

To get great family photos, detailed planning is important.

What to wear, locations and poses are all important, according to Tyra Bleek Photography, who begins a photography session looking for the natural raw emotion in children. It is these emotions that bring life to photos.

What to expect at a photography session:

1. Warm up – A photographer usually gets to know children first in order to gain their trust.

2. No fake smiles – Playing, natural expression and laughter bring life to photos.

3. Candid shots are everyone’s favourites but do not always work in a portrait session. A coached candid approach is good, whereby everyone is placed in position, then natural interactions evolve.

4. Get all the family involved in the shot. Let children pick outfits or put people in poses, as this will make them more likely to be interested and involved in the process.

5. Photographers’ feedback such as “you are a great listener” can help put subjects at ease.

Decide what type of shots are wanted and have the family in a common colour scheme works well, or the children in one colour palette and parents in a contrasting one.


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