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Meet Naty and Kenning Bride and Groom To-be

Meet Naty and Kenning. A gorgeously fun loving bride and groom to be. This beautiful couple are getting hitched tomorrow and we are excited to be the ones who will capture this special occasion.

Naty and I met three years ago when I was leading worship at a youth Church service. She played the piano while I sang (I’m no Celine Dion, but I can belt out a tune or two). We got along from the get-go and have been friends since. Soon after Naty met Kenning and their engagement was announced. I was delighted and flattered to be their first point of contact for their special occasion pics.

Below is an Autumn shoot of these two cuties at Maling rd, Canterbury. Working with them was so enjoyable, lots of laughs and goofing around. Their chemistry and love for each other illuminates from them both. Whilst trying to nail down the requirements for tomorrows shoot, I asked Kenning exactly what he wanted, and his response was, “I just want my wife”. How cute is he!

I can’t wait to be a part of your big day, capturing the moment from a very personal point of view. Best of health, love and happiness to you both.

Karen xx

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Jennifer + Pieter Wedding Fashion Editorial

The last two months have been non-stop shooting action at the Spring Racing Carnival, Fashion Campaign assignments with Collins 234, Melbourne Central, Ballettonet, WSGN and St Kilda Football Club so we apologise for being a little slack on blogging our work . If you are wondering what we have been up to, the best place to catch all the action is actually our Instagram @finessencephoto or my Snap Chat channel @heykarenwoo.

This Saturday we are gearing up for a beautiful and rustic wedding with Jenny and Pieter. I am particularly excited about Jenny’s wedding because I can’t wait to see her wedding dress – it’s going to be epic. She’s one of the couture dress designers behind Jane Hill, so you can actually imagine how it’s look like. The last time we spoke, and it was only 2 weeks ago that her dress was in pieces and yet to be stitched up !

A few months ago, Jenny came to me with an idea that she wanted her engagement images to look more fashion, more editorial and posed to be displayed at the Willows Reception table. With the concept in mind, we created these editorial black and white images which I’m so thrilled to share with you all!

Enjoy xxx

Dress by Alice McCall.









Engagement Session: Rita & Chris

Chris proposed to Rita while having a picnic in their lounge room. At the time, Rita was recovering from her eye laser surgery, so having a ‘blind date’ together was the norm. It was only until the bling was slipped onto her finger, she couldn’t believe her eyes. She was marrying the guy of her dreams. Happy marriage this Saturday xo


Finessence_RitaChris_008 Finessence_RitaChris_007 Finessence_RitaChris_006 Finessence_RitaChris_005 Finessence_RitaChris_004 Finessence_RitaChris_003 Finessence_RitaChris_002 Finessence_RitaChris_001

Lynn and Allen are tying the knot at the Regal Ballroom

Double happiness this Saturday with double weddings!

Meet our gorgeous couple, Lynn and Allen! They are the sweetest and kindest pair I’ve grown to love over the past year and they are getting married at the classic Regal Ball venue.

Here are some of our favourite frames from our Autumn engagement session….

finessence_LA_031finessence_LA_039finessence_LA_041finessence_LA_007 finessence_LA_051finessence_LA_054finessence_LA_050


Elise & Tom are Tying the Knot

We can’t believe how quickly the winter months have flown by and it is already Spring! You know what that means? The beginning of our busy wedding season! In fact, our studio hasn’t stopped churning. We have been ultra busy working on a few exciting commercial projects with Werribee Plaza, Roar Accessories, James Varnish (to name a few) and hence our blog is feeling a little neglected. Then next, I’ll be jet setting to New York (yes NYC!) for fashion week to shoot their street style and represent a few Aussie designers and media outlets to capture the experience and street style images. If you want to follow my journey, just click on over to Instagram and find me @heykarenwoo.

Ok, with that out of the way, I want to introduce to you a very loving and sweet couple – Elise and Tom. They are two special friends in our lives whom we had the pleasure of knowing from the time we attended church together and played in a worship band with these two. So it was HUGE when these two asked me to be their official wedding photographer.

Here are the highlights of their gorgeous engagement session x





engagement session


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