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Drawing chalk balloons with Kristine & Brendan

A hint of quirkiness and fun in our engagement session always bring uniqueness to our couple’s images. As you know, engagement sessions is a time for our engaged couples to relax and have fun in front of our camera. So by the end of it, our couples are already expert posers comfortable with our natural style and direction on their actual wedding day. I always jokingly say, “Modelling is hard work” to which they always agree.

Meet our super friendly and gorgeous couple, Kristine and Brendan who are also tying the knot this Saturday. We discovered on the first day we met that we actually go to the same church,  Clayton Church of Christ and in later months, we became church members on the same day! These guys are incredibly giving and cheerful whenever we bump into them. I guess that’s why the kids at church love them (including our little man)!

A few mustaches, frames and beautiful soft autumn light later….here are the highlights from their engagement session as taken by Alan. Enjoy x


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