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Difficult Lighting Situations at Weddings

Wedding receptions can be held at a host of different locations. Often these venues are unique to the couple, and while wonderfully fun for the couple and their guests, it can be difficult for the photographer and guests who want to take shots.

Here we’ve listed some great tips for taking photos in difficult lighting situations at weddings:

  • Zoom in – In poor lighting situations, don’t forget the details. While it might be a little difficult to stand back with a 200mm lens, use a 50mm or even a 35mm lens and get up close. If you feel you are a little too close, take the incredible shot, and then take a few steps back.
  • Use lights – When you are faced with a situation that offers poor lighting, use an on-camera flash with a diffuser. In some instances you might be able to set up off-camera lights, but this may be rather inconvenient.
  • Use black and white – Bland lit rooms can be transformed when turned to black and white. Once you take out the poor light and adjust the contrast, you can usually make the images look better.
  • Use photoshop – When you reach the editing stage you can make plenty of changes. If there is something distracting like a power cable for example you can remove it. Just remember not to go too overboard with the editing.


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