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Diamond Engagement Rings

Despite Marilyn Monroe immortalising the song ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’, how does this statement stack up in reality?

Engagement Ring

HuffPost Live recently opened up a debate about what sort of stone is best suited to an engagement ring, with one make-up artist declaring she was not interested in receiving a diamond ring. She sports a sapphire ring her now-husband gave her, citing her need for practicality taking precedence over her desire for a diamond.

Jewellers and gem experts weighed in on the debate on HuffPost Live, as did readers.

Responses included: “I’d be just as happy with any other gemstone…Who decided [it had to be a diamond] this?”

Another reader posted: “An engagement should be about professing true love and wanting someone to share a life with you.”

“Diamonds have been made valuable by people wishing to capitalise on their value,” said yet another respondent.

One of the jewellers that weighed in on the debate was off the opinion that it’s not just about the diamond, it’s more about the ring itself.


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